Membership Details – FAQ

Is there a membership fee for BWUN?

There is currently an $119.00 annual regular membership fee and includes a small donation to our sister organization, Women in Bloom, Inc., which is a 501(C)(3) entity. This includes attendance at any of our regular, monthly networking events, and special member-only events within a fifty (50) mile radius. Thus, if you can’t make it to the Alliance of your choice, you can attend any of the other Alliances within your respective fifty (50) mile radius. We are a non-networking “connections” group. In otherwords, you are not required to pass referrals or be in compliance with an attendance policy.

People like to do business with those that they know, like, and trust —  thus, by getting to know your fellow members you will be very inclined to do business with your fellow BWUN members. Your annual membership dues do not include any special engagements or training sessions. We prorate dues for your first year as follows — Suzy Member joins June 1, 2018. Suzy will receive an invoice before January 1, 2019 for dues owed from July 1, 2019 thru December 31, 2019. We have the following memberships available, as well:

$259.00 Annual Dues Enclosed for multi-location rate (up to three (3) separate business locations — i.e., a bank with three branches)  

$178.50 Annual Dues Enclosed for multi-member discount (up to two (2) members – i.e., a single bank with two members represented)    

$119.00 Annual Dues Enclosed for one regular membership

$  68.00 Associate Membership (must have been a member for at least 2 yrs)

$  65.00 Annual Dues Enclosed for one member not-for-profit rate

$102.50 Annual Dues Enclosed for two member not-for-profit rate

$  65.00 Annual Dues for New Entrepreneuress (in business less than 3 years)

$  50.00 Annual Dues Enclosed for Young Careerist (up to age 35)

$  55.00 Annual Dues for Golden Girls (65+)

Membership Application rev012017

Membership Application rev0120171.png

Can I start a BWUN in my community?

We welcome those interested in beginning a new Alliance!  The first step to initiating a new location is completing an application. There is an application process for each new Alliance and its Cultivator.   Fill out your application today and soon you could possibly be starting your own networking business! Contact us at for more information.

How often does BWUN meet?

Each Alliance conducts a monthly meeting. Currently, Alliance meeting are being held at various locations throughout Northwest Indiana, including Valparaiso, Chesterton, South Bend, Schererville, La Porte/Michigan City, Portage and Crown Point.  Members are welcome to attend as many chapter meetings as they would like. Guests are invited to attend a complimentary meeting prior to joining. Check out our Google Calendar for more detail (note: we try to update as frequently as possible, but our Facebook page is another great spot to find out event details and RSVP)

What are the meetings like?

Each Alliance is operated uniquely, but the general format of the meeting is as follows:

8:00 – 8:15 Meet and greet

8:15ish – 8:30ish Thirty second introductions (duration varies according to attendance)

8:30ish – 8:40ish Speaker (business cards are drawn at the end of each meeting for the speaker)

8:40ish – 8:50ish BWUN Mindful Minutes (featured member)™/BWUN Business Bits (featured member)™

8:50ish – 9:00ish** Monthly speaker presenting on the yearly theme (i.e., “Be Well Fit & Beautiful” annual theme features monthly health and wellness members)

9:00 – 9:15ish Joy Basket/Meeting Announcements (Joy Basket is an optional donation to support our sister organization and a way to share milestones and other annoucements)

9:15 – 9:30 Adjourn

**Not-for-Profit community partner highlight (quarterly)

Why do you call them Alliances?

We believe strongly in diversity and collaboration. Alliance is defined as a relationship based on an affinity in interests, nature, or qualities. Thus, we chose the name specifically to reflect those qualities.

Why do you use the term Cultivators?

Because we feel so strongly that we need to be encouraging our members to grow and succeed, we felt this term was befitting as Cultivators are a person(s) that cultivates something — relationships and personal development.

What is the Women’s Wisdom Forum?

Several years ago we held a conference called the “Women’s Wisdom Forum”. That forum was handed off to us generously from the Porter County Foundation. To continue in some form and fashion, our Lakeshore Alliance has been utilized as our “Women’s Wisdom” forum. We do look to hold future conferences, as well.

The general format for the monthly evening meetings is as follows:

5:30-5:45…snacks and drinks (feel free to bring something if you’d like)

5:45-6:00…administrative matters

6:00-7:00…introductions, non-for profit speaker and business speaker, business forum


Is there an attendance policy?

We have a very accommodating attendance policy, allowing members to take advantage of the meetings they feel will benefit them most.  Unlike some groups, we truly understand the work/life balance, which is the main purpose of this unique group.

Is this a leads group?

We are in the business of developing personal and professional relationships through CONNECTING and education. The purpose of our group is not to solely develop leads. However, as a result of the relationships that are formed, leads on potential business relationships are encouraged if both parties feel comfortable.



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