Membership Details – FAQ

Is there a membership fee for BWUN?

There is currently a $12.00 per quarter or an annual regular membership fee $45.00. The goal is to make it as flexible for you as possible since most of us are at a different state in life. This includes attendance at of our monthly meetings, networking events, and special member-only events,

How often does BWUN meet?

The Valparaiso  Alliance conducts a monthly meeting.  Check out Facebook Calendar our or more detail (note: we try to update as frequently as possible, but our Facebook page is another great spot to find out event details and RSVP)

What are the meetings like? 

The Valparaiso Alliance  is operated uniquely, but the general format of the meeting is as follows:

Second Thursday of the Month (locations vary currently — check out Facebook):

8:15ish – 8:30ish  Meet and greet |Fifteen second introductions

8:30ish – 8:40ish Speaker

8:40ish – 8:50ish BWUN Mindful Minutes (featured member)™/BWUN Business Bits (featured member)™

8:50ish – 9:00ish** Monthly speaker presenting on the yearly theme (i.e., “Be Well Fit & Beautiful” annual theme features monthly health and wellness members)

9:00 – 9:15ish Joy Basket/Meeting Announcements (Joy Basket is an optional donation to support our sister organization and a way to share milestones and other announcements)

9:15 – 9:30 Adjourn

**Not-for-Profit community partner highlight (quarterly)

Why do you call them Alliances?

We believe strongly in diversity and collaboration. Alliance is defined as a relationship based on an affinity in interests, nature, or qualities. Thus, we chose the name specifically to reflect those qualities.

Why do you use the term Cultivators?

Because we feel so strongly that we need to be encouraging our members to grow and succeed, we felt this term was befitting as Cultivators are a person(s) that cultivates something — relationships and personal development.

What is the Women’s Wisdom Forum?

Not long after we first started operations, we held a conference called the “Women’s Wisdom Forum”. That forum was handed off to us generously from the Porter County Foundation. We converted it to a quarterly evening event pre-Covid. We do look to hold future evening conferences.

The general format for the evening forums are as follows:

5:00-5:45…nibbles + drinks

5:45-7:00 Speaker(s)


Is there an attendance policy?

We have a very accommodating attendance policy, allowing members to take advantage of the meetings they feel will benefit them most.  Unlike some group attendance policies, we truly understand the life balance, which is the main purpose of this unique group.

Is this a leads group?

No. We are in the business of developing relationships through CONNECTING and education. Our mission is to Measurably Enhance the lives of women 40+ through mind, body, spirit and vocational initiatives.


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