As a woman in business, I feel BWUN introduces you to the real meaning and personal experience of diversity and empowerment in a manner that permits the members to understand and to respect each other’s business ventures (occupation, profession, vocation or trade), ethnic background, color, religion, socioeconomic and sexual orientation.    For the business aspect of BWUN, it empowers each member the opportunity to network, to participate in charitable events, to contribute (make a donation of) as to a fund or cause, to attend business training workshops, educational and self-improvement sessions and mainly to encourage the promotion of our businesses through presentations and actual events.   For the personal aspect of BWUN, it allows each member the state of being connected, associated or involved with powerful and professional women to continue learning from each other for constant personal and professional growth. (Aida McAllister, Valparaiso Alliance)

The format of the meetings, the relaxed atmosphere, and the minimal demands on the number of meetings required to attend make this a great group!

Networking with people you know, like and trust is one of the best features of a BWUN membership!

The Cultivators have developed relationships with their members. They have personally reached out to me  in a tough time and truly cared about how I was doing. It is so nice to belong to a group who understands my life.

I love the personal touches the Cultivators bring to the meetings.

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