BWUN + Media

We are most appreciative of our community partners currently and in the past who have featured newsworthy items about BWUN. Thank you for the support!


BWUN Founder, Angela Crossin, featured on ValpoLife

InnovateHer Honors Regional Winner (Inside Indiana Business)

Women Entrepreneurs Invited to Compete in Challenge (NWI Times)

BWUN Hosts its First Fraud Symposium! (NWIndiana Life)

Business Women United to Host its Annual Mother’s Day Dinner (NWI Life)

Business Women United to Host its Fourth Pre-Mother’s Day Dinner (Tribune)

Business Women United Spotlights Mommy’s Haven  (Tribune)

Mother’s Day Celebrations (Mother’s Day 2015)

Mom’s Day Celebration (May Day 2015)

Valpo Life, “The Pursuit of True Happiness”

Betsy Hart, Author/Speaker to be the Featured Speaker at the First Pre-Mother’s Day Dinner

Betsy Hart, Speaking to Business Women United Network

Betsy Hart, Author/Speaker

Betsy Hart, Author/Speaker

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