BWUN Member Limelight

Valerie Steil & Minakshi Ghuman (“V” or “M”)

For this quarter’s member highlight…we chose to feature the dynamic duo. Both members typify what it means to be community advocates.  Valerie and Minakshi are both known throughout NWI and beyond as pioneersess women – innovative – strong – determined – connecting/connected…the list could go on AND on.

We value all that Valerie and Minakshi bring to our organization and their consummate support.

Thank you both for ALL you do for this community and beyond. We are honored that you are part of this tribe.


noun  ad·vo·cate  \ ˈad-və-kət , -ˌkāt \
one who supports or promotes the interests of a cause or group

What is your business? 

V:  Marc t. Nielsen Interiors, a very comprehensive interior design firm with a large Antique Shop and Gallery.

M:  Associate Broker at RE/MAX Pace Realty.

When did you begin the business? 

V:  It began in 1924.  I came on board in 1980 and purchased the business in 2000.

M: 1992

What was your inspiration?

V: I have always loved homes, and how everyone’s homes are different.  As an adult I have had the opportunity to travel a fair amount to other cultures and found their homes to be fascinating and inspiring. For me, interior design is a very functional, cultural, personal art form.

M: I needed to find a job after losing my husband and my best friend thought we should go into real estate together.

When did you join BWUN?  

Both:  About four years ago (we think closer to 5+).

What is the most important thing you feel BWUN brings to you as a woman in business?  

V:   I love meeting all these wonderful women and learn what they ae doing.  So many good things!  I am supportive whenever I can be.

M:  Opportunity to connect with other business women exchange ideas, support each other and enjoy our time together.

Are you involved in any community projects?   

V: The WVLP community radio station in ongoing involvement for me.  I have been involved with various homeless programs and addiction recovery programs through my church.

M: I have served and continue to serve on many committees and boards of civic as well as nonprofit organizations.

Best piece of advice you would give to someone starting out in business? 

V:  No matter what they say, be honest and ethical and work hard to do positive things.

M:  Be true to yourself and don’t be discouraged by initial difficulties and setbacks.

What do you feel you bring to our BWUN members? 

V:  Some laughter, occasional referrals, support at events, and hopefully some wisdom in my old age!

M: I bring them the opportunity to learn from my experiences. I also offer to introduce them to volunteer, giving as well as business opportunities through my many  connections.

“[She] who wished to secure the good of others,
Has already secured [her] own.”

— Confucius

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