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Giving and Getting. Grace. 

Angela Crossin | BWUN President

“What is your grace, my sweetheart?” Are you a skilled writer? Can you knit like a factory? Are you a skilled cook? Are you an in-demand speaker? We all have been “graced” with some talent. Author Kristin Cashore wrote a book entitled “Gracelings”. The opening question queried above is a line from her book.

The book is a non-fiction creation. Gracelings is a non-fiction term created by author Kristin Cashore to define someone who is Graced–that is, he or she has an extreme skill according to Urban Dictionary who describes a Graceling, for example, as, “Someone who is Graced with swimming may be able to swim as efficiently as a fish.”

The lead character is a female — mind you — by the name of Katsa. Katsa is graced with the skill of killing. We have all been given talents of some sort. You have been GRACED with with some talent(s). Are you squandering yours? Are you sharing yours? Each of you should use whatever gifts you have received to make the world a better, smarter, lovelier, and more talented place. I feel that is our obligation to future generations.

Maybe your  Grace is the art of giving grace? Maybe you are really good at giving grace to the irritable?  You are a Grace Graceling.

Have you thought about that? Are you skilled at giving grace to someone who wrongs you? Talks bad about you? Turns their back on you? Stabs in the back and not in the front? Brings you emotional turmoil? Steals from you — time, talent, ideas, and/or money?  Do you need to show grace to him, her, or them? 

When dealing with offensive or irritating people, we need to look past the behavior to the pain. Because everything we do is motivated by something. When people are hurting others, it’s because they’re hurting on the inside. Hurt people hurt people. 

This does not mean to rush over and gush over the individual(s). This does not mean that you need to compromise your integrity or values to concede to ill behavior. Perhaps it is as simple as loving that person where they are at. Forgiving. Forgetting. Moving on. Sharing your talent for grace.

It is something I am personally working on and that I want to carry through to BWUN. We are a strong tribe and only as strong as our weakest link. I will be working on my skill set in the area of getting and giving grace. We all should. We will be exploring how to give and get grace in our next week’s blog and exploring in our monthly Mindful Minutes™.

Oh, yes, we are starting a blog. We are seeking guest bloggers. Seek us out at info@business-women-united.com.

Give Grace. Get Grace.