We have a group of dedicated individuals working so hard behind the scenes to build an unforgettable retreat. Each sponsor and partner continues to make a positive impact, helping both our members and their communities in, “Connecting Beyond Business!™”

Business Women United Network™ wouldn’t be be able to provide the quality of speakers and perks that we do without the corporate underwriting and support of corporations and small businesses who make it possible. 

Because of their generosity toward our causes and events, we salute all of our corporate partners from previous years with our heartfelt thanks. 

12802698_828192933980660_3506197922552073533_n  Susan Swinski-Hebel – CEO, South Shore Coaching, LLC, Co-Chair/Corporate Sponsor/Presenter, Southshore Coaching

Definition of retreat

2:  a place of privacy or safety :  refuge

         Donna Miller, Co-Chair/Presenter/Corporate Sponsor, PHH Home Loans an affiliate of Coldwell Real Estate13165997_1122335921152199_1549258057521937156_n

You don’t love dear friends for what they can give you; you love them for who they are, and in fact you get more pleasure out of being a good influence on them than you’ll ever get from the perks they provide… Carlin Flora, author, “Friendfluence” (2017 Retreat Book Choice)

Randi Light – Enlightened Living with Randi Light, Spritual Guide/Presenter


Polly Rossi – CEO/President, Presenter,  Meeting Achievements, Exceeding Expectations


1 (1)

Each friend represents a world in us, a world not possibly born until they arrive… Anais Nin

Lesley R. Herod – Licensed Agent, Moderator/Wine Glass Painting Sponsor, National Life


Sara Scanlon – Founder/CEO, Sara Scanlon, Presenter


Deb Standerski, RN – Owner, Presenter, The Wholesome Cupboard


Jeannine Quigley – Consultant, Presenter, Arbonne Independent Consultant


 Britta Neinast – Consultant, Presenter, Britta Neinast Coaching Services988326_543380909071803_862075391_n

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